"Vital Bread"


Yeastless bread on liquid wheat sourdough, made from rye and wheat wholemeal flour, fine wheat flour, with dried apricots, cherries, cranberries, raisins and nuts.

Recommendation: dried apricots are exceptional food for people with heart problems. The high content of potassium has the most favorable effect on the cardiovascular system, helps to regulate blood pressure, increase hemoglobin levels. It is recommended to use dried apricots for those, who have anemia, deficiency of blood, and for pregnant women, when their amount of hemoglobin is naturally reduced .

The cherry berries contain coumarin, which is involved in blood coagulation processes, and melatonin, which helps to improve sleep. Cherry is almost non-allergic, which makes this berry one of the first to be introduced into the children's diet. It has anti-inflammatory effect, helps relieve cold symptoms and normalizes the emotional state.

Cranberries are rich in vitamins, pectic substances, organic acids, and sugars. Cranberry berries are useful for various diseases. They help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent the formation of blood clots, increase efficiency, reduce inflammatory processes. Also, the substances that make up the berries have antibacterial properties.